SE Car Transport Terms and Conditions

SE Car Transport retains all intellectual property rights to the material that appears on this web site, including graphical images and text. Material on the web site can only be printed or downloaded for personal use. You may not create a website in any form, from text or images on the site, without prior written permission from SE Car Transport. No part of the site may be reproduced, transmitted or stored in electronic or non electronic format without prior written permission of SE Car Transport.

SE Car Transport shall not be liable for loss of or damage to any vehicle prior to loading and after discharge from the transporting vehicle, howsoever such loss or damage arises, except during handling of vehicles held by us. The confirmation of booking or our acceptance to transport a vehicle does not imply that the vehicle will actually be loaded. Actual loading and/or delivery will depend on any circumstance, which may prevent SE Car Transport from reaching the collection point or destination and actually loading / unloading the vehicle. We reserve the right to cancel or delay any shipment without penalty and / or liability. Invoices must be paid prior to or on the day the vehicle is handed over. Cheque payments must be cleared before collection / delivery.

If SE Car Transport are instructed to collect a vehicle on or after any particular day/time, yet are unable to collect the vehicle due to the vehicle being unready at the collection point or funds being uncleared, or any other reason out of our control, then the contract shall be deemed terminated and SE Car Transport shall claim full payment for the transportation order. Drivers will wait for a maximum of 30 minutes, if the driver is required to wait any longer, then a waiting charge shall be applied. The charge is currently �50.00 per hour exclusive of vat. Drivers reserve the right to refuse the loading of a vehicle if it is considered by him/her unsafe to do so, for whatever reason. During our period of responsibility, all vehicles are covered by our 'Goods In Transit' insurance, a copy of which is available on request. Any additional insurance required for loads in excess of our 'Goods in Transit' insurance, will be negotiated and may invoiced separately.

Whilst every effort is made to keep to promised delivery schedules, SE Car Transport will not be held responsible for late or failed collections or deliveries due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control such as road works, traffic accidents, breakdowns or adverse weather conditions etc. Any damage not notified on the delivery note, will not be accepted by us, unless we are notified in writing within 48 hours of the delivery, and the damage can be viewed by us, prior to any repairs. Any damage notified to us on the delivery note, estimates must be submitted within 7 days and we reserve the right to claim any replaced part, as proof of damage. SE Car Transport will not be held responsible for any damage that cannot be attributable to negligence on behalf of SE Car Transport or their staff for example Acts of God (Storm damage, Bird Strike, Bird Droppings, etc.), stone chips, acts of vandalism not preventable by SE Car Transport.

SE Car Transport will not provide hire cars, replacement vehicles or compensation whilst the vehicle is being repaired.

Cancellation and Refund Policy.

To cancel a booking contact: Lisa Earith (Proprietor) Se Car Transport Tel:- 01204 849776 By email:- Or by writing to SE Car Transport 9 Peaks Place Business Park, Rossini Street, Bolton BL1 8DL. No refunds will be given for cancellations made less than 48 hours prior to the agreed transport date. No refunds will be given after the vehicle has been transported.

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